This is terrifying.

fucking pigs shoot them all on site

This makes my blood boil! Fuck the Police!

Video Description: A white police officers breaks the window of a car and tazes a black passenger for driving without a seat belt.

Back story: Several white officers pull over a van with at least 5 passengers, including two children, for driving without a seat belt.

At least one officer pulled out their gun when the person on the passenger side attempted to retrieve their I.D. from a backpack as the cop instructed.

The officer demanded the passenger exit the car when they couldn’t provide an identification card. Fearing for their life, the passenger refused and instead called 911 to explain the situation and possibly bring non-biased officers to the scene.

The officers respond by breaking the window, tasing the passenger in front of two crying children, and violently making an arrest .

If anyone can produce an article concerning this video, please send it my way.

Also they were driving to the hospital to visit a dying relative.

something will come of this